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How to Take Easy Newborn Photos

  Bringing home a new baby is synonymous with stress. You have to feed it, clothe it, love it – and now you also have to schedule a professional photo shoot. These precious photo sessions start around 300-500 dollars, and you only … Continue reading

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Wonder what it’s like to bring home a newborn baby? Play The New Parent Game!

Thinking about having kids, or have one on the way and want to know what taking care of a newborn is really like? Find out by playing The New Parent Game. Equipment: Timer Dice Setting up: Designate one player as … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Pregnancy Announcement!

Some people use photos to announce their pregnancy. Others make videos. And if you’re Tamera Mowry-Housley, you sell your announcement to a pregnancy test company. The Sister, Sister star just told the world about baby number two with this Tweet endorsing … Continue reading

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37 Thoughts While Trying Zumba at the Gym

1. Wow this is so fun! 2. I should bring my friends with me next time. 3. That salsa class I took in college is totally paying off.             4. OMG the instructor’s tank top is … Continue reading

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Sneakers Gone Crazy: An attempt to buy normal footwear for adults

For my husband’s birthday I buy him the same two things every year—a baseball cap and a pair of sneakers. Sometimes I skip a few years on the sneakers, but this year he ruined his one decent pair doing yard … Continue reading

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Why I’m Happy I Got Shit for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day I got to sleep in and spend the day with my family. I received some nice gifts—flowers, a spa gift card from my husband, a pimp vacuum from my mother-in-law. But the best gift of all came … Continue reading

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It Sucks for Mom When you Have a Sick Kid

Alone and bra-less, I am at Dairy Queen eating a Blizzard with extra peanut butter cups. For dinner. Shameful, I know, but right now I don’t care. My daughter has been sick for four days with a typical childhood illness. … Continue reading

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