The Ultimate Pregnancy Announcement!

Some people use photos to announce their pregnancy. Others make videos. And if you’re Tamera Mowry-Housley, you sell your announcement to a pregnancy test company.

The Sister, Sister star just told the world about baby number two with this Tweet endorsing Clearblue pregnancy tests:

pregnancy test

I hope that by the time I’m pregnant with my second kid I’ll be famous enough to sell my Tweets too. But the last time around I didn’t use a brand name test like Clearblue or First Response — I used a pregnancy test from the Dollar Tree.

Just in case any sponsors would like to purchase my future announcement waaaaaaaayyyyy in advance, I prepared a Tweet:

#DollarTreePregnancyTestConfirmed with baby #2! Love New Choice Pregnancy Test. Hope it’s accurate! It’s ok if it’s not, because I got 7 for the price of one! #spon

Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test

I hope the Dollar Tree has a big advertising budget because if there ever is a baby #2 I’ll be aiming high. Let’s get this deal in writing before sperm meets egg.

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