37 Thoughts While Trying Zumba at the Gym

1. Wow this is so fun!
2. I should bring my friends with me next time.
3. That salsa class I took in college is totally paying off.

Beyonce Dancing

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4. OMG the instructor’s tank top is so cute.
5.  I need a new outfit for the gym.
6. Capris or yoga pants…
7. Is this still the warm up?
8. I am doing this every week.
9. Umm why do guys keep looking in here?
10. Mental note — next time stand away from the door.
11. Ok a little less booty shaking until I catch my breath.
12. Side. Pain.
13. I wonder if anyone here knows CPR.
14. Gasp. Gasp. Gasp.
15. I’m going to die.
16. Maybe if I just move my arms it’ll still look like I’m dancing.
17. How do these old ladies keep up?

old ladies dancing

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18. Ok is this the cool down?
19. No.
20. How many water breaks can I take before it starts looking weird?
21. Dammit I drank it all.
22. You seriously want us to break into pairs? What is this, math class?
23. Eww my partner’s sweat is on my arm.
24. Why is everyone facing me?
25. Screw these pivot turns.
27. Maybe if I just…. move my feet…. it’ll look like I’m still participating.
28. How rude is it if I just leave?

Run away

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29. The instructor is so nice.
30. I should try harder.
31. Oh no she’s coming near me.
32. Go away! Go away!
33. Am I so bad that I look like I need extra help??
34. If I stop looking at myself in the mirror I’ll feel less like a jackass.
35. I wish I had moves like that chic up front.
36. Actually I hate her.
37.  I think I might really die.

Dance Class Fall

Image credit Funny or Die.

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