Why I’m Happy I Got Shit for Mother’s Day

First poop on the potty

This Mother’s Day I got to sleep in and spend the day with my family. I received some nice gifts—flowers, a spa gift card from my husband, a pimp vacuum from my mother-in-law. But the best gift of all came from my 20 month old.

It wasn’t the typical homemade card or an extra squeezy hug — it was shit. That’s because my baby made her very first POOP ON THE POTTY on Mother’s Day.

After eating Chinese food at my in-laws, my daughter declared “Poop. Poop.” I decided to put her on the toilet just to see what would happen. At first I didn’t think she did anything at all, so I peeked in the potty for good measure. Then I spotted the unimaginable and started shrieking, “She did it, she did it!”

All of a sudden a parade of relatives popped their heads into the powder room and congratulated my daughter on her achievement. We both beamed with pride.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed that one little doody could make me so ecstatic. But as soon as my daughter made her poop in the potty, a huge rush of emotions came over me: disbelief, pride, happiness.

Since then I’ve shared my daughter’s accomplishment with anyone who would listen (including you). Motherhood makes us do such weird things…

As a friend of mine joked, it was the perfect gift for the girl who has everything.

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