The People Running My Gym are Morons — But I’ll Let Them Babysit

Photo by alantankenghoe via Flickr

Photo by alantankenghoe (edited) via Flickr

I’m pretty sure my new gym is run by morons — but I’m still considering using their babysitting services. I just called to find out their child care hours, and this happened:

Employee 1: Welcome to ha ha hahaha ha hahah
Employee 2 in background: F@#&… Is someone still on the phone?
Me: Hello?
Employee 1: Hangs up

I haven’t even used my membership yet and the staff appears totally incompetent. When I signed up, the girl who gave me a tour of the facility didn’t know the answers to questions like “Do you have any easy aerobics classes for out-of-shape moms?”

And when I was trying to pay, their beefy trainer took up the entire counter as he flirted with an orange girl behind the register. He wouldn’t move over, so there was no room for me to sign my check. Why was I writing a check like an old lady at the supermarket? The gym’s credit card machine and printer were broken. Oh and the manager came in late.

But today I am considering putting all of this behind me and letting them watch my baby. Why?

I have not had any exercise since I was pregnant. That was 26 months ago. I really want a few minutes to myself to walk on the treadmill and listen to Britney Spears.

The Pro’s of Gym Babysitting

  • Other parents do it. The few times I have been in the building the daycare room was full. So it must be ok?

The Con’s

  • The child care staff is not Early Education and Care certified
  • The child care staff has not been CORI checked
  • My kid will probably catch something, and she just got over conjunctivitis that she picked up from the kid’s room at the library
  • I’m concerned that my daughter will choke on a toy while the sitters are coloring
  • I’m afraid a stranger will walk out with my kid
  • I’ve heard horror stories like this one of a baby being left alone at a nearby YMCA.

I’m torn. But there’s a good chance that when my daughter wakes up from nap, I’m going to leave her with a pack of under-qualified teenagers to catch Pink Eye.

 What’s your experience with babysitting services at a gym? Leave a comment.

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