Yellow Ribbons for Dogs: A multicolored program to protect our children

Green Ribbon

Have you heard about the international Yellow Dog program? Yellow ribbons tied to a dog’s leash indicate that they “need more space,” meaning it’s in pain, in heat, insecure, or has another reason to possibly bite you.

Even though responsible parents teach their children to ask pet owners before touching strange dogs, the ribbon is another useful tool to protect our offspring. After all, you can’t assume that the Maltese your neighbor is pushing in the baby carriage or the Bulldog at Home Depot is friendly.

yellow ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon campaign is going viral and is being hailed by parents as a great safety strategy. So I propose we develop an entire color-coded ribbon system to draw attention to other dangers our children may encounter.

These colored ribbons signal other hazards that “need more space.”

  • Red–People who don’t think your child is cute
  • Blue– Children who may hit, push, or bite your child
  • Green– Sharp objects
  • Pink– People with a cold, stomach bug, or other illness your child may contract
  • Glitter–Teen drivers
  • Orange–People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom
  • Purple–Wild animals
  • White–Products containing BPA

Together we can spread awareness and protect our children.

Is there another hazard that should be added to the list? Please leave a comment!

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