BabyFirst Tv’S Rainbow Horse– Poop, Drugs and Giggles

Rainbow Horse

I owe a lot to the BabyFirst TV channel. Their around the clock commercial-free baby programming has entertained my infant and allowed me to take personal phone calls, fold and put away laundry and even get some precious sleep. Television wasn’t in my child-rearing plan, but boycotting it went into the diaper pail as fast as my birth plan did in the delivery room.

Perhaps I’m just doing what I know– my own mother fondly recalls plunking me in front of the television every morning when I was a baby to eat Cheerios and watch Sesame Street.

I wonder, while she was dozing off on the couch to the letter and number of the day, if she questioned what was really going on behind the scenes on Sesame Street. What were the co-habituating Ernie and Burt really up to? Why wasn’t Oscar evicted from his trash can? Is he part of a protected group? Is he a metaphor for tolerance? And is Snuffleupagus nothing more than an elephant with a hair disorder?

I’m asking myself the same sorts of questions about one particular show on BabyFirst called Rainbow Horse. Although the trippy cartoon irks me, my daughter loves it. Allow me to break it down:

  • A pink horse with a rainbow-colored mane and a disproportionate leg-to-body ratio (horses may develop body dismorphic disorder) frolics onto black and white cartoon scenes.
  • The horse absentmindedly lifts her tail like other horses do when they need to defecate, and she tickles various objects and animals with her appendage
  • Because of Rainbow Horse’s special touch, the plain background fills with color and comes to life in a psychedelic fashion
  • Rainbow Horse giggles and flits away

She is the equine version of a leggy bimbo. Rainbow Horse turns thing on, laughs at them, and then trots away. Unlike other BabyFirst characters, she’s too good to talk to the creatures in her show or the babies at home. Snob.

Of course, out of all of the BabyFirst TV shows, this one has to be my child’s favorite.

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4 Responses to BabyFirst Tv’S Rainbow Horse– Poop, Drugs and Giggles

  1. Belle says:

    I’m an adult and I like the show 🙂 it distracts my friend’s baby really well when I’m babysitting.

  2. linds says:

    Rainbow horse is a boy and is also my daughters favorite. We watched a different kind of show with rainbow horse in it along with others on baby first and they revered to rainbow horse as he… huh would have never thought….

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